A Few Words

About Us


A Few Words About Us

Victory Locum Limited is a healthcare recruitment agency and a care provider agency with a goal to fill the increasing gap between the number of people who need medical assistance and the shortage of healthcare workers in the NHS starting from Milton Keynes and beyond. 
We are registered by Quality Care Systems (QCS). So we are up to date with policies as well as requirements for running a domiciliary care service agency.  We are on the major UK healthcare framework.
We provide a friendly atmosphere for both staff and clients so as to achieve the best possible experience.


To improve the quality of life of everyone living in Milton Keynes locality and in the UK at large.


To bridge the health care gap between the growing number of health care needs viz a viz the low staff output in the NHS.

Our Core Values


At VLL, excellence is our watch word. Excellent health care assistance and service delivery. We try our best to up the ante every time so that our clients enjoy a seamless experience. Our staff are highly trained, skillful and compassionate professionals.


We understand how quickly our client's health needs can change and we are very responsive to such changes. Our services are tailored based on individual needs and assistance

Time management

We match the required professionals to the work needed to be done and ensure that they get started and complete the tasks in the shortest time possible. Our caregivers arrive on the scene quickly enough to properly care for our clients.

Team work

We pride in our team of avart-grade professionals including Doctors, Nursers, Carers, AHP as well as international health care assistants. We work closely with our clients so as to ensure that tasks are properly understood and carried out.